Amazon driver leaves a special delivery for a customer in London, England. Driver craps in the driveway and wipes his ass with “while you were out cards”. Amazon says it will take at least 2 days for someone to come out and clean it up.

There must have been bushes or a tree nearby, right in the driveway in full view of all the neighbors?

Andrew Wingrave, 45, said his 14-year-old son saw the man squatting.  Andrew said: “My 14-year-old son Mason came home from school to see the Amazon guy squatting on our drive.

“He did a poo into a bag, wiped with orange calling cards, then drove off leaving his special delivery for all to see.

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amazon driver craps london driveway



Appleton, Wisconsins worst burglar, Bradley T. Braxton was arrested after breaking into a home and eating blueberry muffins, drinking all the whiskey and sleeping naked in the master bedroom.

I get breaking into a home, eating and drinking everything, but sleeping naked in the master bedroom?

An Appleton resident came home Saturday night to find a naked stranger asleep in bed, according to police.  The man, who police identified as Bradley T. Braxton, 40, drank whisky and ate blueberry muffins before taking his clothes off and climbing into bed, according to a statement from the Appleton Police Department.

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bradley t braxton

He does look like he needs more sleep.



Boxer, Joshua A. Salovich, punches his 3 year old to death because she did not answer math questions correctly in Meridian, Mississippi.

Aren’t 3 year olds still crapping in their pants?

Mississippi man who fatally beat a 3-year-old girl because she couldn’t correctly answer questions about numbers told investigators that “this was a tough world and she had to be tough if she wanted to survive,” Meridian Police Chief Benny Dubose said Monday.

Joshua Salovich was charged with capital murder, meaning he could face the death penalty, and held without bail. Detectives testified in an initial court appearance that the 25-year-old boxer-in-training beat toddler Bailey Salovich at maximum force with a bamboo rod, a cellphone cord and his hands.

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joshua salovich

He looks like he gets knocked out a lot.