Video: Guy Attempting to Get Selfie in Front of Passing Traing Gets Kicked in the Head

Have you seen this video yet?  Guy taking a selfie in front of a passing train gets kicked by the conductor.

The question is: how we he so close he didn't get run over, but the conductor was close enough to reach out and kick him?

Video: Woah!!!

The actual title of this video is: "Bie The Ska - mechanical sediment Ep.1". and we would try to explain it, but we really can't.  Other than to say this guy from Thailand does these great visual stunts (some appear to be CGI, some are just slight-of-hand) and then ends with a hearty "Woah!!!" as in "Can you believe what I just did?"

And the answer is no, no we can't.



Video: Wheel Of Fortune "Mythological Hero Achilles" FAIL

It doesn't get much worse than that.

Looks like college week on Jeopardy. And also the week Indiana University disowns one of its students.


VIDEO: Woman Flips Out, Throws Ketchup Bottles at Malibu Diner - Flatiron - Latima Brown

Some people just don't know how to behave in public.

Here's more from the DNAInfo New York:
FLATIRON — A woman trashed a Flatiron diner — smashing glass ketchup bottles against a mirror and TV in a videotaped rampage — after a manager asked her to leave for screaming into her cellphone for 30 minutes, the NYPD said. Latima Brown, 22, was having a loud, profane phone conversation when she entered Malibu Diner at 163 W. 23rd St. with a friend about 5:10 a.m. April 2, police and owner Alex Grimpas said. "She was yelling and very upset and very verbal," Grimpas, who wasn't present at the time, said about the incident caught on the restaurant's surveillance cameras. "We're used to loud, but the cursing was very heavy."

Video: Topless woman destroys Florida McDonald's

Not just the footage, but audio commentary by employees from McDonalds.

More from the YouTube description:
Topless woman destroys Florida McDonald's CCTV footage shows the woman ranting and wrecking the St Petersburg branch of the popular fast food chain

Video: Eating Junk Food at the Gym

Just wait until he starts eating a cake while doing curls!


Video: Hey Buddy, I Think Your Girlfriend Fell Off Your Scooter

You, it's possible this is a really noisy area, and the guy does have a helmet on, so it is possible he has no idea what's going on but . . . Dude!  Turn around and check on your girlfriend!