Our latest teacher student sex scandal comes from the great state of Tennessee. 28-year-old Serena Rae Milan engaged in various sexual acts with a 14-year-old student for 5 months.

Our latest teacher who can't behave themselves with kids half their age. Is this the new epidemic in America?  Are teachers lives just so unbearable that they escape into fantasy land with one of their underage students? Or are they just extremely perverted? Who knows, they sure don't because most of them are married with children and then have an affair with a child. WTF???

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Nice earrings.

DUMBASS Russian sailor drinks half a liter of rum then crashes 423 foot, 7000 ton cargo ship full speed into Scotland. Hey look out for Scotland on your left.

Drunk driving is a problem no matter where you are. On the road, in the air, on the water. The oceans take up most of the earth and even out there you have to watch what you're doing. Drinking half a liter of rum is not good even if you're just sitting at home so imagine being in control of a 423 foot , 7000 ton cargo ship. The stories we all hear about people driving drunk and hitting other cars, running over people, killing people etc. Hell, people do that when they're not drunk. I've never heard of someone so drunk that they did not see the country in front of them.  Yeah you read it correctly, this guy hit Scotland at full speed.

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Welcome to Scotland.

Neighbor thinks someone is breaking into neighbors apartment. Calls police 19 cops show up and it turns out it's the guys own apartment. Just shows how people don't interact anymore.

In this day and age a lot of people don't seem to know their neighbors. They wave to each other and say hello and that's about it. They just happen to live near each other or next door to each other and that is the extent of their neighborliness. This is a sad comment on society today. One neighbor sees someone milling around the front door of the guy who lives next door and calls the police. The police shows up and it turns out the guy milling around the door is the actual guy who lives there.

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Do you live there?

Vincent Arcona pulls heroin out of his butt and snorts it while being questioned about the Zombie McDonalds drug turf near Penn Station in NYC

Drug dealers do some crazy things, I guess they are often high on the product they are selling. This guy decides he wants to snort some heroin while sitting in a police interrogation room and pulls a bag out of his butt and snorts it then throws the bag on the floor. You couldn't wait till later?

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He needs a haircut.

Robinson Pinilla-Bolivar of Midland Texas arrested for beating and threatening girlfriend with a knife after she says NO to smelling his armpits.

People have all kinds of fetishes. Some like feet, others like dressing as furies,  others like being dominated. This guy apparently likes having his armpits smelled because when his girlfriend says to get lost he beats her and threatens her with a knife before running off into the night.

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He looks like he smells. (my opinion)

Laurel Maryland teenager arrested for stealing food from a refrigerator and then masturbating into the refrigerator before taking some money and running out the back door.

What is going on? We've noticed many masturbation stories in the last couple of weeks. Is the American public so sexually repressed today that the solution is masturbating anytime, anywhere?
Caught on camera at a home in Laurel Maryland, a teenager is seen eating food out of the refrigerator, it must have been good food because he then masturbates into the refrigerator before taking some cash and running out the door. Your a teenager find a teenage girl it's not that hard nowadays.

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I don't remember using the mayo.

Robert Zammarelli of Coventry Rhode Island arrested for masturbating in a CVS parking lot by the same cop who arrested him for the same thing at a Walgreens parking lot.

This guy must have a thing for drug store parking lots. First he gets arrested for masturbating at a Walgreens and this time at a CVS. I assume it's a small town because the same police officer arrested him both times. He should get time off with pay for having to see this guy naked twice in his career.
He was wearing a one-piece black leotard with his genitals fully exposed as he masturbated “feverishy” with the intensity of his movements causing the van to move, according to the police report. They also found a rock of crack that weighed 4.8 grams, along with a large quantity of women’s underwear in the van.  This guy knows how to party.

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He should shave his back.

Drunk British Airways passenger on flight from London to Boston tries to open door while in flight

People never learn. Ever since the 911 attacks doing crazy stuff on a plane is dangerous for everyone the crew, passengers, everyone. But so many people just don't seem to care because they keep doing things like getting drunk, starting fights arguing with the crew etc. A woman on a flight from London to Boston was so intoxicated that she tried to open, not the cockpit door but the exit door in midflight.

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Natalie Rodriguez 2nd grade teacher at Winter Springs Elementary School in Longwood, Florida, hits a car, keeps going as tires are sparking and headlights are missing.

When someone gets pulled over for possibly driving drunk, you answer the police officers questions.
How many drinks did you have tonight?  I only had a few.
When did you have your last drink?  I stopped drinking 3 hours ago.
And on it goes.
This is one I don't think many of us have ever heard before. Natalie Rodriguez a 2nd grade teacher at Winter Springs Elementary School in Longwood, Florida stated to police, that she stopped drinking after she pulled over. Wow and she's a teaching our youth.

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Nice picture.

DUMBASS Alberto Correia Lacerda crashes his car twice leaves car debris all over the road and snaps his tire off in the process. His tire is found 150 feet away from car.

This sounds more like something see you see at NASCAR. This credit to his community Alberto Correia Lacerda, 37,  of Orlando Florida crashed into a guardrail in Altamonte Springs, leaving car debris all over the road but he did not notice or care and just kept going.  Minutes later he crashed into a concrete median which snapped his tire off and he kept going causing damage to the road itself. How do you damage a road? Just ask Alberto, he seems to know. When police arrive the front-passenger tire is 150 feet away from the car. Is it any surprise that good old Alberto had a blood-alcohol content measured at .297 and .295, nearly four times Florida's legal limit for drivers of .08, an arrest report said.

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His head looks huge in this picture. (my opinion)