Video: Boat crashes into land while water skiing

Want to shoot video of your buddy water skiing? Cool, but best to keep your eyes on where you're going too.


Probably could have been a lot worse.  Your parents insurance will cover it, right?

Video Fail Compilation: Break's Best Fails for September 13, 2014

Ever wonder why health care in the United States costs so much?

I present, Exhibit A:

Video: F-Bike Take-off With Dummy

Screw your hoverboard! I'm getting me a hover BIKE!

No, really, watch the video. About all I know is it's called the F-Bike.  Second video without the bike and dummy below the first.

Here's more from YouTube desciption:
Test flight before professional recording. Now with real wheels and side supports.

Video: 10 Movie Myths People Actually Believe

I admit, I believe most of this stuff as well. Stupid movies!

Here's more from the YouTube description:
Fireballs in space and exploding cosmonauts may look pretty cool on the silver screen, but they'd never happen in real life. Discover the truth with 10 Movie Myths Everyone Believes!

Coca Cola vs Coca Cola Zero - Sugar Test

Science is wonderful.

And a little scary at times.

Do you know how much sugar is in a regular Coke? How about compared to Coke Zero?

Well, let's find out!

Video: Guy records a selfie while sh*t talker gets jumped

I wish I knew more about this video and where it was shot and exactly what is going on behind this guy, but then if we did, I think it would lose some of its magic.


Rash of Arrests of Parents Leaving Kids in Hot Cars to go to Casinos

During the summer we always hear stories about parents leaving their kids in hot cars. Sometimes for just a few minutes, and sometimes for hours . . . often getting the police involved.  At The Dumbass Daily, we've even reported on some fathers leaving kids in cars to go into strip clubs.

The latest trend, however, seems to be leaving your kids in hot cars to go to the casino. In Pittsburgh, a mother left her 9-year-old in the car to redeem a $10 slots token. $10!  We also have the recent story of a father who left a baby in his car to go to a Delaware casino. Although, in his defense, he did leave the car running and it was in a handicapped parking spot.  Okay, on second thought, that just makes things worse, doesn't it?

So what is with people gambling and leaving kids in the car?  Is there a shortage of babysitters these days, willing to watch your offspring for a couple of bucks while you go lose a couple grand at the roulette table? Or is it more of a problem with inadequate childcare at the casinos themselves?  There are certainly plenty of amenities for the elderly at these places, why not have a place to drop off your kids for a few hours? Maybe even try to turn it into a game of chance itself say, charging $50 for the service but offering gamblers the chance to go double or nothing. Win, you pay nothing, lose you pay $100 and you have to take someone else's kid home with you . . . or something like that. (I'm still working on the rules here.)

Maybe the best alternative may be for these people to stay at home and still watch their kids while playing casino games online, like at caesars online casino games . That way, you would still get your thrills, but not have to leave the kids in the car to do it.  You still won't win "Mother of the Year", but at least you won't get arrested.

Which are the favorite teams to win the SEC this season 2014?

We usually don't talk football on DumbassDaily, but with all the interest in the South Eastern Conference (aka the SEC) I thought it might be nice to see what all the fuss was about. In case you already didn't know (it's been advertised EVERYWHERE!), ESPN has created it's own SEC Network which launched just last week (8/14) and already has more than 80,000 likes on Facebook. Why all the attention for one college sports conference? Over the past 10 years, virtually every NCAA National Football Championship has either been won by an SEC team or had a team play in that game. That's sports dominance!

So, what are that betting expectations for the SEC teams this season? Signup to see the best NCAA Football news here.

Let's start at the bottom, and eliminate a few SEC teams from the league championship this season (which is really hard to do.) Over in the Eastern conference, despite a great season last year, Vanderbilt looks to be a "one hit wonder" and will be back to losing ways in 2014.  Under new coach Mark Stoops, Kentucky should improve from last year's 2-10 record, but still will not challenge. Missouri, Tennessee and Florida will be good, but not great, but each could play spoiler at some point in the season. The real battle is probably between Georgia and South Carolina, with the Gamecocks (with 16 returning starters) the most likely team to win in the East.

In the West division, there will likely be another dogfight this year, but I wouldn't be surprised if both Arkansas and Mississippi State are left chained to the porch and out of contention early. Texas A&M (minus Johnny Football) and Ole Miss will be good, but not good enough to play with the big boys this season, at least not every game. Look for one of them to knock off a contender early in the season though. That leaves LSU, Auburn, and Alabama for the big fight. Auburn upset the Crimson Tide in one of the greatest college football games of all time last season, but won't have the magic again this year. They won't be going back to the NCAA--or even the league--title game this season. I do see LSU making another strong run, but ultimately Nick Saban will get Alabama back into the first playoff EVER for NCAA football at this level and they have another good chance at a national title.

In the end, the SEC will prove once again why it's the most popular college football conference, if not the best. The team that can survive this league will be tough to beat in the playoffs.

Video: Kung Fu Fighting during Russian family day out - KO style

I would like to say there are complex geo-political issues that provoked this brawl at a Russian concert, but we all know it was booze, so why pretend?

Hey, doesn't that one drunk look Toronto Mayor Rob Ford? He wasn't in Russia lately, was he?

Short and Funny Bingo Films to Watch

There are some funny stories about the bingo game that will surely entice you to play even more. Bingo is truly a fun game that is not only enjoyed on brick-and-mortar game halls but also on a number websites. Having fun with this game means that this can also be an opportunity for winnings. If you were a fan of bingo games, you would love to hear these short funny bingo videos. Read along and find out.

Funny Bingo Caller
The bingo caller in this video is hilarious. He adds humor to each number on the card that he calls. What makes it more interesting is that he sings every number with a tune like that of a kindergarten song. On the irony, he sings a funny tune while calling the numbers but his face and movements are just too serious. You would think he is the robotic type of bingo caller that reads every number that appears on the computer screen. He proclaims the winner in the same singing format and players would find this quite weird. Perhaps, this is how he invites people to play bingo because a number of passers-by that enter the bingo room, and they grab a seat to join the game.

Funny Bingo Caller in Dudely
This short video shows a bingo caller who’s a very funny accent that cannot be understood by players. If you are a participant playing in this hall, you wouldn’t even determine if the caller is a man or a woman because his voice lies in between. Every person playing in the room keeps on laughing while finding the numbers on their card because they cannot decipher what the caller is saying. Instead of getting annoyed, you will find it more interesting to play because the caller puts a lot of exaggeration in pronouncing the numbers.

Funny Bingo Lady
In this short video, an overweight woman plays in a bingo hall with a lot of cards on her table. Every time she marks the number on her card, she displays some funny actions like a wiggling her head and whirling her arms.

Who would have thought that bingo games could be that fun and exciting like those in the videos. With happy players partaking in the games, it is no doubt that the bingo industry will last for years. Spend some time to watch these short bingo films and see how interesting the game could be. If you want to try some bingo games, is a great website to visit. Just browse on the site and choose a game that interests you.