Video: ‘SNL’ Tackled The Topic Of A Teenage Guy Having Sex With His Hot Teacher, And Some People Are Pissed

Did you see this skit on Saturday Night Live last weekend? Some people saw it and were not happy. Do you think it makes light of female teacher sex scandal?

Here's more from the YouTube description:
I’m surprised it took them this long, but SNL finally decided to make a sketch about one of the country’s constantly hot news topics: female teachers having sex with underage students. In the sketch, Pete Davidson plays a student who had an affair with his sexy teacher, represented by Cecily Strong. As you can see in the video, Davidson is on the witness stand giving his account of the affair. And his account just so happens to be GLARINGLY POSITIVE. All the other men in the courtroom seem to also think that Davidson is ‘THE MAN’ for fucking his teacher. A real “Fred Pimpstone.” Obviously this is comedy and an embellished point of view — especially the reaction from the adults in the courtroom — but when I was 16-years-old, I probably would have sex with a hot teacher if I were given the opportunity. I wouldn’t have expected my father to love me more or a judge to fist bump me — both would probably be appropriately appalled by it — but I probably would have done it. That was the point that SNL was trying to make, but as our friends at UPROXX pointed out, some people were very offended by it.

Report: Female Teachers Finally Getting Jail Time Equal to Male Teachers, But Arrests Are Also Up

Readers of the Dumbass Daily will doubtless recall the days not that long ago when a female teacher accused of sex with an underage boy could almost certainly count on getting a light jail sentence, if any at all. (Most got some kind of probation.)

Now, apparently the tide has turned and more lady teachers are getting not only jail sentences, but sometimes lengthy ones.

Here's more from Yahoo News:
In US schools last year, almost 800 school employees were prosecuted for sexual assault, nearly a third of them women. The proportion of women facing charges seems to be higher than in years past, when female teachers often got a pass, said Terry Abbott, a former chief of staff at the US Department of Education, who tracked the cases. This year's numbers are already slightly ahead of last year with 26 cases of female school employees accused of inappropriate relationships with male students in January compared to 19 cases the previous year. Female educators who sexually abuse their students are facing tougher prosecution in part because there are more women police officers. There is also a greater awareness among prosecutors, judges and the general public that students who are victimised by an authority figure, regardless of gender, experience trauma with life-long consequences. "Law enforcement is increasingly feminised, and women are much less prone to the old attitude: 'Oh, this is just some kid who got lucky,'" said David Finkelhor, director of the Crimes Against Children Research Center. "They recognise the issues involved and they go after women who violate the statutes."

Louisiana teacher, 27, arrested for sex with boy, 15, apologizes for ‘taking the victim’s innocence’ - Amber Anderson

Well, at least this female teacher is willing to admit her mistake. Of course, it was AFTER the cops arrested her for having sex with a 15-year-old freshman boy, but at least she didn't try to make some excuse or blame him for the affair.

Details from the NY Daily News:

A 27-year-old Louisiana teacher apologized to cops for the "mistake" she made in “taking (a boy’s) innocence” after she was caught having a steamy sex affair with the 15-year-old freshman, police said. Amber Anderson admitted she’d exchanged naked texts and later had sex with the Baton Rouge teen, now 17, during a summer fling in July and August of 2013, according to an affidavit obtained by The Times-Picayune. The victim’s mom actually learned the two were close after searching the boy’s phone in 2013 and called the school to complain. But nothing was done until a friend of the boy told the mom this month the actual extent of the affair, according to the affidavit.

Video: Best Skateboarding Fails - Skateboarding accidents - crashes Compilation 2015

Does anyone crash better than skateboarders? We particularly like the idiot who tried to skateboard with his little boy.

Man Shoots at Armadillo, Accidentally Hits Mother-In-Law Instead

I see. The old "I was aiming at the armiadillo and "accidentally" shot my mother-in-law by mistake" escuse.

Works every time! Here's more from
Larry McElroy, 54, intended to shoot the animal with his 9mm pistol, but the bullet ended up ricocheting off the armadillo, hitting a fence and going through the back door of his mother-in-law's mobile home. The bullet traveled about 100 yards, The Huffington Post reports. 
McElroy's mother-in-law, 74-year-old Carol Johnson didn't suffer severe injuries. The bullet went through the back of Johnson's recliner, hitting her back. Lee County Investigator Bill Smith tells WALB that Johnson was able to walk and talk after the incident occurred. She was take to Phoebe North Hospital for treatment. WALB says that residents are actually encouraged to shoot at armadillos. 
James Morgan, the Dougherty County Extension Coordinator, says shooting is "an effective way of getting rid of them." Morgan does add that people need "to be safe" when shooting at the animals. Police say that those in the county should use a shotgun to avoid McElroy's mistake, KPTV says.

Video: Dumbass Woman tries to drive away while being towed, cops stand by and watch

What was she thinking she was going to be able to do? In the end, she breaks out the windows of her own car. That'll teach 'em!

Here's more from the YouTube description:
After an Upstate tow truck driver said he was bitten while repossessing an SUV, he pulled out his camera and started filming as the woman smashed the windows out of the vehicle. Scotty Fowler, the owner of Mission Towing & Recovery, said they had been looking for an SUV for repossession for over a week before they located it near Collins Park in the city of Spartanburg on Sunday evening. Fowler told FOX Carolina's Adrian Acosta they hooked up the SUV to the tow truck when Lakeisha Smith, 29, jumped in and tried to drive off with it still hooked up to the tow truck, and attacked him. "I was holding the door open to keep her from starting the car and she bit me," Fowler said. At that point, Fowler began recording the incident with his phone. In the video, the woman can be seen first pulling the SUV loose from the tow truck with two wheels off the ground then smashing the cars windows. Fowler said Smith left the scene on foot before police could arrive. He said she was bloody from the incident. A Spartanburg County deputy arrived at the scene after Fowler was bitten, but did not apprehend the woman. Fowler said, besides the damage to the SUV, there was also thousands of dollars worth of damage to his tow truck. Fowler said they were eventually able to repossess the truck. Smith spoke with FOX Carolina Monday evening and said she "flipped out" when Fowler tried to tow her car. "I went out to retrieve my things out of the car and as soon as I touched my car, I was being yanked and pulled by the driver, so then I became angry and just flipped out, like seriously," Smith said. Spartanburg police said Smith was wanted on a charge of assault and battery third-degree for biting Fowler. Smith said on Monday night she would turn herself in. "I'm not going to run, I'm not going to look over my shoulder for a cop, it's not what I do," she said. Online jail records show Smith was booked into the county jail about 1:30 a.m. on Tuesday. A judge gave her a $2,130 personal recognizance bond.

Mother of the Year? Cops Say Woman Left Quadriplegic Son in Woods in Philly For 5 Days So She Could Visit Boyfriend

Several readers sent us this story and I really have no words to describe how awful this mother is if the allegations against her turn out to be true.

More from the Pocono Record:
A woman left her quadriplegic son, who has cerebral palsy, in the woods for several days and went to visit her boyfriend in Maryland, police said Saturday. The 21-year-old son was found lying in the leaves covered with a blanket next to a wheelchair and a Bible near Cobbs Creek Park in southwest Philadelphia on Friday night. Police described the son as severely disabled and said he was unable to communicate how he got there. They said their investigation indicates he was left there Monday, when his mother boarded a bus for Montgomery County, Maryland. The son was hospitalized with dehydration, malnutrition, a cut to his back and eye injuries, Lt. John Walker said. “This kid’s obviously a fighter,” Walker said. “To see that kid laying there, it’s heartbreaking to see that another human — especially a mother — could treat someone like that.”

Video: Russian Model Liana Klevtsov's Nude Protest Against Cost of Living Under Putin

Well, that's one way to get Vladmir Putin's attention! Not sure it will bring down the cost of living in Russia, but it can't hurt.  More on the story from the Mirror here.

WARNING: Very last still frame photo from the shoot may not be safe for work. Otherwise, they have blurred out Ms. Klevtsov's naughty bits during the video.

Judge in Teacher Sex Scandal Case: “What young man would not jump on that candy?" - Erica Ann Ginnetti

In an interesting twist to a well know female teacher sex scandal story: Erica Ann Ginnetti, 35, only received a sentence of 30 days from a Pennsylvania judge, even though it was obvious from court testimony that she was the aggressor in the case.  His rationale? After Ginnetti sent the teen a video of her undressing in a "sexually suggestive manner" the judge couldn't see how, ". . .  young man would not jump on that candy?"

So, it was her fault? It wasn't her fault? Why didn't she get the 7-14 years in jail like a male teacher would have in a similar situation?

Details from the Huffington Post:
The teacher and student were in frequent contact in July 2013, after the two had sex in her car parked at an industrial park. Ginnetti pleaded guilty last year to sexual assault and disseminating sexually explicit materials. The maximum sentence for the two crimes was seven to 14 years behind bars, reports. 
Instead, Judge Garrett D. Page gave the woman just 30 days of jail time. Ginnetti will also have to register as a sex offender. Ginnetti seen dancing at a Lower Moreland High School function. At her sentencing hearing last Friday, Ginnetti cried in court while reading a letter of apology. The judge then compared explicit photos of the woman to "dangling candy" in front of her victim, the Bucks County Courier Time reports. “What young man would not jump on that candy?” Page said. 
Ginnetti now works at a gym as a fitness instructor. She said in court that she regularly volunteers at her church, and is rebuilding her relationship with her husband and three children. "I don't believe you're a bad human being," Page told Ginnetti. "You did a bad act. So I have to punish you."

Video: Jeep Suddenly Escaped From The Car Towing in Chicago

You're not going to tow my Jeep today, mister!