DUMBASS Doctor misdiagnoses woman and gives her 6 months of chemotherapy in Australia.

The report said the woman was told she had stage four liver cancer by a surgeon who looked at her CT results, but did not order any other tests.  The surgeon referred the patient to an oncologist who recommended six months of chemotherapy without doing further tests.  The report said the oncologist stopped chemotherapy because the woman’s body was not responding to the treatment — the tumours in her liver were not getting smaller.  This prompted the oncologist to order a review of the original CT, which showed the woman’s tumours were benign, not stage 4 liver cancer.  The woman was then given the correct treatment for benign tumours, as well as treatment for the chemotherapy toxicity.

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Doctors today are lazy.



Drunken, Robert Beltrani, an administrative law judge in New York, punches out attorney Sam Roberts, on W. 18th St. in New York City.

An allegedly drunk state judge, after bragging that he was a homicidal menace, sucker-punched a Legal Aid lawyer — and left the man lying unconscious on a Chelsea sidewalk, according to cops and witnesses.  “The judge is so fat and drunk that he falls on top of (Roberts),” a witness told the Daily News. “It looked like Sam was dead.

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He looks like a thug more than a judge. (my opinion)



Shemroy Williams, of Taunton, Massachusetts, uses cheetos to help set his girlfriend’s house on fire.

Cheetos are flamable?
A 31-year-old Taunton man who attempted to burn down his ex-girlfriend’s house while she was still inside was convicted of malicious destruction of property and sentenced to serve the maximum two-and-a-half year jail sentence.  Police located Williams about 100 yards away from the home with two lighters in his pocket and an empty bag of Cheetos. Investigators determined the defendant attempted to use the Cheetos to accelerate the fire.

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Who knew cheetos are flamable.