Teacher Becomes Obsessed With Girl, 11, Sends Her 2400 Text Messages Over 2 Week Span, Wants to Run Away

This teacher scandal story is strange even by Dumbass Daily standards . . . and that's saying a lot!

Our story this time begins at Beechwood Elementary School in Pittsburgh where Geraldine Alcorn, 28 was a pre-K teacher.  That is, until she became so obsessed with an 11-year-old girl at the school that she sent the pre-teen 2400 text messages.

In two weeks.  I'm not really good at math, but that seems like one a one every hour of every day for two weeks straight or pretty close to that. Needless to say, Alcorn was allegedly so obsessed with the girl she talked about running away with her and even started making plans to do so.

Even after Alcorn was caught by the district, when she came to clean her things out at school she still managed to leave presents for the girl in her locker along with a coded message that somehow included her phone number.

Here's more on this strange story from People Magazine:
In a criminal complaint, police said both expressed "a deep love for each other" in the texts, but there's no indication the relationship was sexual, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports. Interviewed by investigators, the girl said she and the teacher had agreed to keep the relationship secret from her mother. The complaint says that in addition to exchanging texts, the student and teacher met in Alcorn's home as well as the girl's home without her mother's knowledge while the mother was at work. 
The mother later found several notes from Alcorn in her daughter's school binder, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The complaint further states the mother discovered Post-It notes and letters from the girl to Alcorn on which the girl had written, "Things Ms. Alcorn and I can do," "What we can do" and "When we can do it," CBS Pittsburgh reports. Alcorn had told the girl they would "be on the run" for a while, according to the complaint. 
The texts were logged between Jan. 26 and Feb. 11. Contact between the two continued even after school district officials suspended Alcorn on Feb. 13 and warned her not to contact the girl again, reports the Tribune-Review. On March 13 – the same day that Alcorn met with police – she returned to her school to collect her belongings. The girl subsequently found gifts and a letter from Alcorn in her locker, including a math worksheet encrypted with circled numbers requesting the girl to call her, according to the criminal complaint.

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Special Ed Teacher Kayla Emily Zittrouer Accused of Sex With Teen, Charged With "Cruelty to Children"

This is a first for us here at The Dumbass Daily.

No, not the female teacher sex scandal (we have about one of those a day) but the fact that the lady arrested this time, special ed teacher Kayla Emily Zittrouer (mugshot right) was not only charged with " sexual assault by a teacher or other administrator engaged in sexual contact, enticing a child for indecent purposes" but also--wait for it--cruelty to children in the first degree,

And no, we don't think it has anything to do with how she looks. (Most people to do not take flattering mug shots.) But it is interesting to see it added to the list of other charges the Georgia police slapped her with.

Details from SavannahNow.com:
Kayla Emily Zittrouer, 22, of Guyton, provided a 14-year-old student with obscene pictures and had “inappropriate sexual contact” with the student, according to Sgt. Don White with the Effingham County Sheriff’s Office. The Effingham County school system notified the Sheriff’s Office of the allegations on Thursday. Zittrouer was put on administrative leave on Thursday and resigned on Monday, according to School Superintendent Randy Shearouse. Zittrouer turned herself in to the Sheriff’s Office and was charged with three counts of computer pornography, cruelty to children first degree, sexual assault by a teacher or other administrator engaged in sexual contact, enticing a child for indecent purposes and child molestation.

Middle School Teacher, Jessica Streeper, 34, Admits to Sleeping With Eighth Grader

Jessica Streeper, 34, A former middle school math teacher from Doylestown, PA has pleaded guilty to having sex with one of her 14-year-old students last year. The married mother of two could face a maximum sentence of 10 to 20 years in prison. Overall, this story seems pretty typical for female teacher sex scandals (someone phone in an anonymous tip), except for the fact that the young man involved told detectives that he had sex with Streeper as many as five times in her car over several months of their relationship.

 Here's more from the Daily Mail:
Streeper was a teacher at Eisenhower Science and Technology Leadership Academy in the Norristown Area School District. Prosecutors said in a criminal complaint that an eighth-grade student told them he had sex with Streeper last spring in her car and in her home. When the alleged victim, then age 14, was interviewed by detectives, he admitted to having sex with Jessica Streeper on seven occasions, including five times in her car. When investigators checked the teenager's cellphone, they found numerous 'sexts' that were exchanged between the married teacher and her underage lover. According to the criminal complaint, the illicit affairs lasted between April 1 and May 20, 2014.

Female Teacher Sex Scandal Update: Erica Lynne Mesa Had Boys Lined Up in Basement to Have Sex w. Her

More details on a post we had a few days ago about a Virginia teacher, Erica Lynne Mesa, 28 (mugshot right) who has plead guilty to having sex with as many as four young men (probably more) and now faces 22 years in prison as a result.

Apparently, Ms. Mesa was so popular with the boys she had to have them take a number and wait a turn in the basement of her house. And yes, she was married at the time . . . but apparently not anymore for obvious reasons.

Here's more from the NY Daily News:
She faces up to 22 years in prison at her sentencing hearing scheduled for May 21. She has been in custody since her Sept. 29 arrest. As a mathematics instructor at Colonial Forge High School, Mesa had sex with four male students, including an incident where one teen waited his turn in Mesa's basement while she had intercourse with another student upstairs, she told police. She also had sex with one of the students in a parking lot on his 18th birthday, she acknowledged. Doing so made her feel "attractive and wanted," she told investigators, according to the newspaper.

Video: East Georgia Mayor Attempting To Abuse Her Authority, Caught On Bodycam - Mary Ann Whipple-Lue

Nothing like pulling the "I'm the Mayor!" Card on a cop who's in the middle of a traffic stop.  A little part of me is hoping she gets tasered.

Here's more from the LiveLeak description:

Gordon, GA – A citizens group in an East Georgia town that wants the removal of their mayor has posted a video showing a confrontation between the mayor and a police officer making a DUI arrest. The group “Concerned Citizens of Gordon, Ga.” posted the video on their Facebook page, showing the exchange between Gordon Mayor Mary Ann Whipple-Lue and the officer. The group says they obtained the video recorded on Monday night, March 16, by a body camera on the officer through an Open Records request. The arrest took place in front of the mayor’s property. After the officer had questioned and handcuffed the suspect, you hear Mayor Whipple-Lue walking up and asking the officer what’s going on. She then tells the officer that she needs the vehicles moved out of the way now. After the officer asked the mayor to step back, she said, “I need it (the vehicles) moved out of the way right now” and added “I should not be blocked in.” After the officer said he was in the middle of making an arrest, Mayor Whipple-Lue said “If you can’t move it, I can move it.” When the officer told her that neither she nor the suspect could move the cars and she needed to step back, you can see the mayor on camera saying “You’re defying me. Now, I’m the mayor so get this car out of the way so I can get out of the way.” As the confrontation intensifies, the mayor asks the officer, “Are you going to arrest me?” He said, “I will arrest you for obstruction.” She replied, “You will not arrest me” but the officer answered, “Yes, ma’am, I will arrest you.” After the two minute exchange, the officer asks her to please go back to her vehicle. She replies, “You’ve got some nerve.” The citizens group has battled with the mayor for several months, trying to have her removed from office because she allegedly has abused her powers.

Video: Man With Sledgehammer vs Wall

Anybody want to guess who wins this battle before it begins?  The guy shooting the video with his phone had to know that this was a likely outcome. At the very least, an idiot on a stepladder swinging a sledge hammer made the odds pretty good something stupid would happen.

Any ideas where these guys are from? Sounds vaguely Eastern European, but the stupidity is classic Russian.

Lady HS Teacher Admits to Sex With Four Boys - Erica Lynne Mesa, 28, Colonial Forge High School

Another day, another female teacher arrested for having sex with an underage boy . . . or two . . . our four. When did she have time--or the strength--to teach?

Details from WTOP:
Erica Lynne Mesa, 28, who taught math at Colonial Forge High School, pleaded guilty to two counts of electronic solicitation of a minor and two misdemeanor counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, The Free Lance-Star reports. Four charges were dropped by prosecutors but Mesa faces a maximum of 22 years in prison. She will have to register as a sex offender and has been in jail since her Sept. 29 arrest. According to the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office, rumors circulated last year about a Colonial Forge teacher who was having sex with students. The school then received an anonymous tip about Mesa’s activities and confronted her about it. She later gave a full confession to authorities. The charges Mesa was convicted of involved only two of the students, but she admitted to sex with two others, according to evidence. One of the students was under 18 at the time of the sex acts.