Naked Pics of Missouri Gov's Press Secretary Surface - Jessica Robinson

Jessica Robinson, the press secretary to Missouri Governor Matt Blunt, thought she had gotten rid of all of the naked pictures of her that surfaced online back in 2004. She claims they were innocent family photos taken while she was pregnant to show the process of the change. Then, someone hacked the family computer, found the shots and well, the rest is Internet history. here's more from St. Louis Today:

In late 2004, Jessica Robinson — now Gov. Matt Blunt's press secretary — learned that private photos of her nude body were traveling on the very public Internet.
She took steps, with the help of the State Highway Patrol, to remove the images. But like weeds, the pictures recently came back — circulating again on the Web and now around the state Capitol.
Robinson finds herself reliving a nightmare.
"It's devastating,'' Robinson said this week, as she reluctantly recounted what could serve as a cautionary tale for anyone who chooses to electronically store deeply personal parts of their lives.
She says the pictures had been taken by her husband, Jay Robinson, in late 2003 and early 2004 to document the various stages of her pregnancy that resulted in the May 2004 birth of their son. The photos were put on the hard drive of the couple's computer.
By October 2004, the early-pregnancy pictures —which show a smiling, still-slim Jessica Robinson standing in front of a wall — somehow ended up on several pornographic websites. Authorities say the couple's computer had been hacked.
The sites even included some personal information about Robinson, such as the fact that she then worked for the state Department of Revenue. Robinson says she first learned of the photos' cyber-display when sexual predators began calling her at the office.
The department's director at the time, Carol Fischer, found out from an anonymous call.
The Missouri Highway Patrol spent several months investigating the case. But authorities weren't able to determine the culprit, who also snared some of the couple's electronic financial records. The patrol's final report does document some success in helping the Robinsons get the photos taken off the sites known to display them at the time.
A few weeks ago, the photos were discovered on another salacious site. And copies have begun to show up around the Capitol.