Students Pass Around Picture of Topless Teacher - El Reno, Oklahoma

She had the picture on her cell phone. Then one of the students in her class got a hold of the phone. Now the pictures are being passed around like a bad cold and parents want the teacher fired. But for what? Here's more from WLTX:
A racy picture of a teacher in Oklahoma somehow fell into the hands of students. Now parents are calling for the teacher's resignation.
From one student to another, the pictures spread like gossip: the rumors of a topless teacher, parents say should not be covered up.
"All the students have her picture on their cell phones," says Ray Coat, a concerned parent. "She should be held to a higher standard because she's around all these young people, and she's very influential to these children. There's no reason she should be around these kids."
But it's the kids, police say, who took the photo from the woman's phone.
"A student at school got a hold of the picture and has blue-toothed that over to other students."
Police say the teacher took the picture at home but parents say having the pictures in class should make her absent from school forever.