White Plains, NY Dentist Involved in Parking Rage - Dr. William Moody

We've read of road rage . . . but parking rage? How tough is it to find parking spaces in White Plains, NY that Dr. William Moody, had to resort of fisticuffs to get to one.

Here's more from WCBS-TV - link includes edited and unedited footage. (Includes creepy footage of a really, really old Dr. Joyce Brothers):
The CBS 2 HD Westchester crew was about to head out on a story Friday when the news found them. Just outside our bureau Dr. William Moody, a White Plains dentist, left his Mercedes to confront Luis Infante for blocking his access to a parking lot. Moody even forced his way into Infante's car as if to move it himself.
Not long after, fists -- and bodies -- started flying.
"He was saying bad words to me, then he spit in my face," Infante said "Twice."
Then Dr. Moody spotted CBS 2 HD photographer Chris Calarco. Reporter Tony Aiello warned Moody not to touch the camera, but to no avail.
Police were called to the scene after Moody smacked the camera twice. While they arrived, Moody confronted the driver's sister, pushing her to the ground.
Yolanda Infante is okay, but considering this incident came so soon after her father's death just Thursday night, she is shaken.
"I'm devastated," Yolanda Infante said. "Besides my father's death, this happened in this moment."
Renowned psychologist Dr. Joyce Brothers said this kind of anger may have been sparked by personal issues.
"Whatever is going on in his life, he's not succeeding in. This is his way of just getting the stress out of his system," Brothers said. "I wouldn't like to be a patient of his!"