Naughty Cops Caught on Tape With Young Woman in Mini Skirt - Elkhart, Indiana

It looks like the start of a "Girls Gone Wild" video with a scantily dressed young woman talking to some men who appear to want to see just a little more skin than she's already showing . . . which is a lot. Only, in this case, this happened in a Elkhart, Indiana police station and the men involved were cops. In addition to behaving badly, the men also took pictures of this, uh "entertaining" young woman. Lots of pictures. Here's more from LiveLeak.com (Watch the video below):
It all started early Thanksgiving morning when a woman with dark hair, a white shirt, and denim mini skirt and white boots entered the lobby of the Elkhart Police headquarters.
The entire episode was recorded by two separate surveillance cameras, although there was no audio. The woman in question was not under arrest. "She was just waiting on transportation I believe," said Assistant Chief Timothy Balyeat, "she resided in Chicago and was waiting on somebody to come pick her up."
At one point, one of the men working behind the front desk gives the woman a drink.
Not all the friendly gestures were so innocent. At about 4:04 a.m. the woman stepped into a room to the side of the front desk. Through an open door, the security camera shows body contact and inappropriate touching between the woman and at least one police worker. The images indicate that pictures are being taken, and at one point it appears the woman's skirt is pulled up to her waist.
Around 4:15 a.m. the woman climbs onto the counter at the front desk.
At least two of the three males behind the desk appear to take pictures with camera phones. One even walks out from behind the counter and enters the lobby so he can take a picture from behind. "Everybody played their little part. It was just wrong all the way around," said Balyeat.