Teacher Natasha L. Sizow Accused of Sending Improper Photos of Herself to Students on Her Cell Phone: "Various Stages of Undress"

This was Natasha L. Sizow's first year at Granby High School in Norfolk, Virginia and likely will be her last after police arrested her this week for allegedly sending improper photos of herself to students via cell phone. The teacher and girls swimming coach was charged with two counts each of indecent liberties and use of a communications device to facilitate crimes against children.
Cops started to investigate after a school resource officer (an in-house cop) heard about the photos and filed a report. The investigation confirmed that someone at Sizow's cell phone number had send photos of her in "various forms of undress" to a couple of students at the school, reportedly one male and one female both 17. Police confiscated Sizow's phone and subsequently found enough evidence on it to arrest. At right, Natasha L. Sizow's mug shot picture.
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A video clip of the story from the AP can be found here.