Mom Arrested for Locking Kids Outside House Naked So She Could Go Drinking

Another "Mother of the Year" finalist: this New Zealand mother apparently wanted to go out drinking and thought her kids would get in the way, so she did what any mother would do: she locked her 10-year-old and 2-year-old outside. Here's more from TVNZ:
There is wide spread disgust at a mother who locked two children out of her Hamilton home so she could have a night out drinking on the town. The woman could end up facing cruelty charges.
The two-year-old girl was found naked and wandering along this busy Hamilton street on Saturday night, in the care of her 10-year-old cousin. Police say they were called by concerned residents on Bader Street who approached the two then had taken the pair inside. Police found the toddler's 31-year-old mother walking between bars in Hamilton's CBD.
Senior Sergeant Karen Henrikson says the woman became aggressive when they interrupted her drinking. The mother had apparently locked the youngsters out of the house so she could head out for a night on the town.