Mom Arrested for Topless Massage While Kids Were in Next Room - Prostitution Arrest of Sheri Sims

Another "Mother of the Year" candidate. This time is was 39-year-old Sheri Sims of Colorado who was arrested by an undercover cop after her topless massage went a little too far south . . . if you know what I mean. A working mom, Sims apparently didn't want her kids to be left alone, so she had them in the room next door! At right, Sheri Sims mug shot picture. Here's more on the story from the Denver Post:
A Highlands Ranch mother arrested for prostitution allegedly fondled an undercover officer in an upstairs bedroom of her residence while her two youngest children were in the room next door, authorities say. The woman, Sheri Sims, 39, was arrested Thursday for investigation of prostitution and child abuse.
While the undercover officer was with Sims, her two youngest children, ages 13 and 16, were in next room, said investigators in court papers filed in Douglas County. Her third child, 19, was downstairs, said authorities.
The documents claim that Sims made "contact that went beyond (an) appropriate massage." After the Highlands Ranch mother disrobed and began touching the genitals of the naked undercover detective, he gave fellow officers an arrest signal, according to the documents.