Orange Coast College Drunk Naked Cheerleader Photo Scandal?

This is typically something we cover over at BadJocks.com, but after seeing these pics, you have to wonder "what were these girls thinking?" Not that college kids are supposed to be goofy and silly and a little naughty and experimental at times, but why post the pictures online then? According to the website DonChavez.com, the girls (and apparently at least one lucky guy) from the Dance and Cheer Team at Orange Coast College (no I never heard of them before either) were in Las Vegas for a cheerleading competition recently (according to Orange Coast College, the Dance and Cheer Team have won 10 national titles) and started having some fun in their hotel room. Here's more from the site:
Just when you thought the whole West Coast-East coast cheerleader battle was over, the west coast steps back up to the plate. This time we’re not dealing with a bunch of wannabe strippers, clown faced dancers, or a future WWE star. This time we’re dealing with national champions! According to the Orange Coast College website, the OCC’s dancers have won 9 national titles in the last 10 years. Enjoy the nipple piercings, girl-girl kissing, and nudity below the ad.
And he wasn't kidding about the Not Safe For Work pictures! They start out tame enough, and then, well, turn decidedly non G-Rated. We have to stress, the site is CLAIMING this is the Orange Coast College Cheer and Dance Team, and they are wearing t-shirts that say that, but the school's website does not provide individual cheerleader pictures, so it's kind of hard to tell. Below are a couple of the photos we could dare post.  (More Naughty Cheerleader stories here.)