Teacher Adrienne Laflamme, 60, Arrested for Sex With Two Teens, - Brevard Public Schools

Okay, we're not actually keeping track of this kind of stuff, but seems to us that, if true, this lady would have to be one of the older "teachers/cougars" we've reported on here at The Dumbass Daily. According to police, 60-year-old Adrienne Laflamme, a science teacher at the Juvenile Detention Center (that's right, she was allegedly hooking up with young criminals) had sex at least 15 times with a 17-year-old boy, including at least one time where another teenage boy was involved. Oh, and for good measure she also loaned they young punk her car while she was on vacation (maybe a seniors only cruise?) and then reported it stolen. Ouch! That'll snap the romance right of your relationship . . . and make it hard to get to the prom without your parents driving you, and still have enough room in the back seat for her walker.
At right, Adrienne Laflamme's mug shot picture.
Here's more on the story from Florida Today:
In a news release, police said Laflamme taught a 17-year-old male student in April and May. After the teen was released, Laflamme contacted the boy and began a sexual relationship with him, police said. They had sex at least 15 times, including one encounter where another teenage boy participated, police said.
Laflamme let the 17-year-old use her vehicle when she went on vacation but when she realized she was under investigation, she falsely reported to police that her vehicle had been stolen, Palm Bay police said.