Former Teacher Heather Kennedy, Awaiting Sentencing for Sex With Boy, Caught Having Sex With Him Again!

Some people just don't learn! Take former former Wantagh high school teacher Heather Kennedy. Heather was caught earlier this year having some sexy time with a 16-year-old student. She pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct back on June 12 and was out on probation, awaiting sentencing in August. But apparently she couldn't scratch her itch with someone of legal age and was caught AGAIN having sex with the same boy. According to the victim, they've done it six times since June 12, in clear violation of the boy's order of protection, part of her plea deal. So, Heather Kennedy is back in the slammer and this time they want to keep her there. That's Heather's latest mug shot picture at right.
Here's more from NewsDay:
A former Wantagh high school teacher, already awaiting sentencing for having sex with a 16-year-old student, was charged Tuesday with having another five trysts with the boy since she pleaded guilty to the original charges last month, authorities said.

Heather Kennedy, 25, of Massapequa, was first arrested March26 after the boy, a student of hers at Wantagh High School, confessed to his father that they had sex in his car in the parking lot of Massapequa High School, police said.

"Almost immediately after she walked out of court, she was having contact with the victim by phone and in person," Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice said of Kennedy Tuesday.

. . . the district attorney's office received a tip and an investigation revealed the two had sex five more times after June 12, in violation of the boy's order of protection, Rice said.

According to the boy's testimony to investigators, in the past two months the boy sneaked out to have sex with Kennedy twice in Kennedy's grandparents' Bellmore home, twice in a mutual friend's Wantagh home, and once after Kennedy picked up the boy from the Massapequa train station, Rice said.

"At this point, her crime is very clear," Rice said, adding that "she persisted to prey on him, and that is the outrageous aspect of this."