Housemother at Teen Home Accused of Sex With Boy, Gets Pregnant by Him, He Runs Away - Carolynn Hatcher

Ta-da! This lady probably couldn't have screwed things up more if she tried. Here's the background: Carolynn Hatcher, 25 is a married, and was--until very recently--the group-home housemother at a place for troubled teens called the Mid-Western Children's Home. While she allegedly worked there she took up with a troubled 16-year-old boy and got pregnant by him. His response? To run away, of course. To make matters worse, because he's a foster child and also a victim of alleged sexual abuse, cops apparently can't release his name or picture so the public can help in the search for him! At right, Carolynn Hatcher's mug shot picture.
Here's more from Cincinnati.com:
A 25-year-old married teacher and group-home housemother had a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old boy there - and became pregnant with the teen's child, authorities said Monday.

Now Carolynn Hatcher, who formerly lived with the teen in a group home, has been criminally charged and is in the midst of divorce proceedings.

Making matters worse: The teen has run away.

"It's heartbreaking and a tragedy all the way around," said Mike Fox, executive director of Butler County Children Services. "I promised to tell the truth, and this is one of those unbelievable, ugly truths that happen in the world of child welfare."

The boy's disappearance also creates an unusual dilemma for officials: They don't think they can enlist the public's help to find him.

That's because the teen falls under two classes that rightfully should shield his identity: He's both a foster child and an alleged sexual-abuse victim.

"Is it really in his interest to put his picture on the 6 o'clock news and tell people, 'If you see this kid, call us?' " Fox said. "Right now, the answer to that question is 'no.' "