Teacher Lisa Temsey Admits to Sending Topless Pic to Boy, 14, Gets Probation - East Canton Middle School

Former middle school teacher Lisa Temsey admitted in court yesterday that yes, indeed, she did send a topless photo of herself to a 14-year-old boy who used to be a student of hers, but then moved out of town. Her punishment? 5 years PROBATION! Now tell me: if she had been a he and sent a 14-year-old GIRL a picture of his penis, do you think we'd be talking probation or would we be talking pitchforks, tar and feathering? Exactly my point. Look, I realize that they can't lock the door and throw away the key on every teacher who does something like this (although it might improve the SAT scores in the slammer) but how bad does this double standard have to get before someone does something about it. We don't have a mug shot of Lisa Temsey, although we understand from sources that she is an attractive young blond. If you find a picture of here, drop us a line at Tips2 at DumbassDaily.com. (Thanks to long time reader Artie Bigley for the link!)
Here's, more on the story from the Canton Repository:

A former East Canton Middle School teacher narrowly dodged a prison term Monday for sending a topless picture of herself to a 14-year-old boy. "You are a hair's breadth away from going to the institution," Judge Richard Reinbold told one-time educator Lisa Temsey during her sentencing hearing.

Temsey pleaded guilty last month to one felony charge of disseminating matter harmful to juveniles, a fifth-degree felony. Temsey was teaching gifted students at East Canton Middle School last May when she was corresponding with a student via her MySpace page, said Katie Chawla, assistant Stark County prosecutor.

The boy, 14, was a former student who had moved out of state. The discussion "changed from professional to a personal one, and she sent him a naked picture of her breasts," Chawla said. The exchange came to light when she started talking to two of the boy's friends, Chawla said. Investigators found a copy of the naked picture on the boy's computer, Chawla said.