Teacher's Assistant, 53, Claims She Had Sex With Own Grandson, 15, to "Remove Sexual Demon" From Him - Toni Stowers-Moore

You know, even at a site called The Dumbass Daily, there are stories that still shock and surprise. Take this teacher's aid in Durham, North Carolina. She is not only accused of having sex with an underage boy (a pretty common occurrence in the teaching and coaching profession these days), but it turns out the boy is also--allegedly--her own grandson!

Oh, but it gets better, dear readers.

To make matters worse, the cops say they have phone recordings of Toni Stowers-Moore claiming she had to have sexual relations with the boy to "remove a sexual demon from him - and to protect others he might try to hurt." Now, if true, that's really f*cked up, even by our low standards. Of course, now Stowers-Moore is saying it was rape, but no one seems to believe that story.
Toni Stowers-Moore, 53, is charged with statutory rape/sex offense in which the defendant is six years older than the victim, incest with a child, and sexual battery. Detectives said the boy was 15 when it happened.

Prosecutors say they have phone recordings between Stowers-Moore and her relatives that captured her confession. She allegedly claimed sex with the teen was the only way to remove a sexual demon from him - and to protect others he might try to hurt.

But now, her story has changed.  "Now she says it was rape. But prior to this point, it has been a consensual sexual act that she did as some kind of religious sacrifice to save her other innocent people," explained Durham District Attorney Tracey Cline.

Cline said prior to her arrest, Stowers-Moore was employed as a teacher's assistant with Durham Public Schools.  "It's bigger than just this child. This is a lady that works in the school system as a teacher," said Cline.
Prosecutor: Former teacher had sex with grandson | abc11.com

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