Married Biology Teacher Caught in Parked Car With Underage Boy - Carrie Shafer

Cops became suspicious when they came upon the parked car with the married teacher/underage boy combination inside and found: a) They were sharing a beer, b) There were used condoms & wet wipes outside the car, and c) She was partially naked.

We're sure there could be some other possible explanation for this unlikely combination, but we're let the legal system sort things out for Carrie Shafer, a teacher at DuPont Manual High School in Louisville. The fact that she teaches biology at the school probably won't help her case.

To cap things off: the romantic pair was ticketed for parking in a handicapped spot!

Here's more from the NY Daily News (below is a student video talking about Ms. Shafer's new anatomy/physiology class):
A biology teacher in Kentucky has resigned after cops found her giving a student some private lessons in anatomy.  Carrie Shafer, a teacher at DuPont Manual High School in Louisville, was found by police Friday night inside a car and sharing beer with a 17-year-old student.

The 38-year-old and the teen also were partially undressed, police said. Evidence of contraceptive use was visible near the vehicle. "There were some articles found that appeared to have been from a sexual act -- like some condoms and some wet wipes that were on the outside of the vehicle believed to have been thrown from that vehicle," Louisville Metro Police spokesman Dwight Mitchell told WAVE 3 News in Louisville.

Shafer, who taught anatomy and physiology, was cited with a misdemeanor for unlawful transaction with a minor. Sexual consent in Kentucky is 16, and at the time of the incident police were not aware she was a teacher.

Shafer, who resigned Sunday, could face a felony charge because of her role as an educator.
A new law in Kentucky makes it illegal for a person in "a position of authority or special trust" to engage in sexual activity with someone under 18, Louisville's Courier-Journal reported.

The teacher was also ticketed for parking in a handicap space.