UPDATED W. VIDEO! - Cops Arrest Topless Woman in G-String After High Speed Chase - Erin Holdsworth

UPDATE:  We now have video of the arrest of topless drunk driver Erin Holdsworth. See below story.

EARLIER: You go girl! Don't let the Ohio cops slow down your night of near naked partying.
Authorities aren’t sure where – or how – Erin Holdsworth, 28, of Hiram, started her night on Oct. 11. All they know is that it ended with a car chase down Route 422 that, at its fastest, reached 128 mph.  Officers also know that, when they found her, she was wearing nothing but fishnet stockings, g-string panties and a pair of high heels.

Police say Holdsworth was seen speeding, but refused to pull over. She instead led cops on the harrowing high-speed chase.

Geauga County sheriff’s deputies worked alongside Bainbridge police officers to lay down stop sticks — a tire deflation device meant to put an end to such pursuits for the safety of all involved.  Holdsworth pulled over not long after running over the device, with both of her left tires blowing out after the impact.  It wasn’t until officers approached the stopped car that they noted her revealing outfit.

“She was compliant at that point. However, when we had her in custody, she began to get agitated,” police chief Jon Bokovitz told CBS Cleveland. “She began hitting her head against the wall.”
Ohio Cops Arrest Topless Woman After 128 MPH Police Chase « CBS Cleveland