Kentucky Female Teacher, 38, Arrested for Alleged Relationship With Boy,

Rumors of an affair between a female teacher and a student at Graves County High School (KY) started swirling Thursday morning and by that afternoon the State Police had been called and arrested Spanish teacher Amy Noles and took her out of class.
Parents and teachers had a disturbing day at a local high school after state police arrested a teacher, charging her with having sexual contact with a student.  Amy Noles taught foreign language at the Graves County High School for five years. Kentucky State Police arrested the 38-year-old on Thursday and charged her with one count of first degree sexual abuse.

Parents said Thursday rumors were flying around the school about a sexual relationship between Noles and a student.  The superintendent said the principal heard about it and contacted him. He then contacted state police.

The KSP investigation began immediately. Thursday, they escorted Noles out of the school and took her to jail. Jeff Cope has a daughter in Amy Noles' Spanish class. He couldn't believe what his daughter said yesterday after school. "'They think one of our teachers is messing around with one of our students,' and I was like 'What?'"

Graves County Schools Superintendent Pete Galloway had a similar reaction when the school principal called him Wednesday. "It's difficult to see this happening in our district," Galloway said. "It's difficult to deal with."
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