"Model" Charged With Burning Down One of World's Oldest Cypress Trees "Because She Needed Light to See What Drugs She Was Taking"

Well, at least she had a reason for doing it. Not a good one, but at least a reason.

The real question now is, is she hot enough to avoid jail time? Your comments below.

A young model allegedly set a fire that caused one of the world's oldest cypress trees to burn and collapse because she needed light in the darkness to see what drugs she was doing.

Sara Barnes, 26, of Winter Park, Florida, was identified by two witnesses as the person who caused the 118ft bald cypress tree named ‘The Senator’ to burn and collapse on January 16, police said.

The woman allegedly took photos of the fire on the 3,500-year-old tree with her phone but did not call 911 - and authorities found methamphetamine, scales and drug paraphernalia at her home.

One of the first photos seen on her public Facebook profile is of clumps of marijuana. Agricultural officials searched her home on Tuesday and also confiscated her mobile phone and laptop.

Since Barnes’s arrest was made public, she has received a great deal of harsh criticism as the tree, dated by park officials thanks to its ring samples, was a beloved historic symbol in the area.

Sara Barnes burned down 3,500-year-old tree called The Senator 'because she needed to see the drugs she was doing' | Mail Online