Did Doctor Oz Really Endorse the "Idiot Proof Diet?"

On the Doctor Oz show on February 3, 2012 episode of his show, Doctor Mehmet Oz introduced his "Fat-urday" diet concept. What is a Fat-urday? According to Dr. Oz, it's a day to go off your regular diet and consume more calories so that your body's metabolism "resets." That is, if you are consuming say 1500 calories a day, your body gets used to that, thinks you're in starvation mode (something that helped our ancestors survive periods of drought and famine) and you begin to burn less fuel to survive.  That's why it can be so hard to lose weight after several weeks of strict dieting. It's not you! It's the humane body's instincts that fight against you. 

So Dr. Oz's suggestion is to give yourself a day to splurge (okay, not go on a bender) where you can consume say, 2500 calories in a day. That tells your body the "famine" is over, and according to the show, your body will release the fat it's been holding on to during that starvation period. Sound familiar?

To those of you who have used the Idiot Proof Diet (aka Fat Loss 4 Idiots) the answer should be a resounding "Yes!" This diet is also known as the "11 Day Diet" because after following it's computer generated, easy to follow, menu for 11 days, you get three days off to eat ANYTHING. That's right: not just one Fat-urday each week, but three days every other week. The principle is the same, but to those who produced the Idiot Proof Diet, their method produces much better results.
So, the answer is that while Doctor Oz has not directly endorsed the Idiot Proof Diet, but he has endorsed the concept. A concept that thousands of successful Idiot Proof Diet fans can tell you works!

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