Texas Middle School Students Stage Lunchroom Boycott - Austwell-Tivolo Junior High

Food must be pretty bad. Or so good the kids don't appreciate it, right?

About 30 students at Austwell-Tivoli Junior High School in Tivoli, Texas, near the Gulf Coast, shunned the cafeteria’s offerings and brought their lunches from home for four days last week, The Victoria Advocate reported over the weekend.

They demanded less menu repetition and more choice in what is served, including salads. President of the seventh-grade class Mckenzi Simmons said “boycott” was a vocabulary word in a recent Texas history class, and that students put what they’d learned into action.

“All we wanted was for our voice to be heard and a chance at change,” said Mckenzi, 12.

Fed Up With Menu, Students Stage Lunchroom Boycott « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth