Female Teacher, 26, Alerts Cops to Her Own Affair With Boy, 16 - Stephanie Cobb,

You know things are getting out-of-hand when female teachers are turning THEMSELVES in for having affairs with underage boys.We really thought by now with all the publicity that this site and others give to this issues that all the lonely lady teacheres would start behaving themselves. Not.

Okay, so this one is a little more complicated than that,, but essentially police are saying that Stephanie Cobb, 26, carried on a torrid affair with a boy at University High School for months until she "anonymously" called police to report a potential suicide. The "victim" was her young male lover and it didn't take the cops long to figure out what was going on between the two. Especially after they discovered that Cobb and the boy had exchanged more than 12,000 text messages and spent 500 hours talking over the four month relationship.

In the end, they found the boy's phone with Cobb's number in it under "My Precious Angel."

A former Volusia County teacher was arrested on a warrant this afternoon, accused of having a sexual relationship with a teen student, the Sheriff's Office said.  Stephanie Cobb, a former University High School teacher who resigned last year, faces a second-degree felony charge of unlawful sexual activity with a minor.  Authorities began investigating Cobb, 26, on Dec. 13, when a woman called to report that a friend was sending her suicidal text messages, officials said.

The anonymous call — during which the woman gave the teen's name, age and phone number — was traced to Cobb's cell phone, sheriff's deputies say.  Deputies met with the teen, who denied feeling suicidal. However, family members told investigators the teen was in a relationship and was "in over his head."  School officials told deputies that there had been "rumors" the teen was involved with a teacher, including an incident during the Thanksgiving break.

Teacher arrested University High: Teacher arrested on child sex charge, cops say - South Florida Sun-Sentinel.com