Grand Jury Indicts Female High School Teacher on Sexual Battery Charges - Constance Yacobozzi

The name Constance Yacobozz, almost sounds made up, doesn't it? Like some character from a Harry Potter book or Tim Burton movie.

And she would probably look like the teacher pictured at right, who used to work at North Ridgeville High School (OH) until rumors started spreading that someone was having an affair with a student. When questioned about her relationship with a 17-year-old boy, Constance reportedly admittedly sent naughty text messages and a picture of her in a bikini top to a male student, but nothing more than that.

The grand jury, unfortunately, felt otherwise and indicted her.

The most important question as always: whos should play Constance in the TV movie about this incident? Maybe Ellen Page of "Juno" fame?  Your suggestions below.

28-year-old Constance Yacobozzi is accused of having two sexual encounters with a 17-year-old male student back in November.

North Ridgeville Police Captain Marti Garrow tells Newsradio WTAM 1100 they began investigating Yacobozzi after rumors circulated that a female North Ridgeville High School teacher had been inappropriately communicating with one or two students.   After hearing the rumors, Garrow says Yacobozzi came forward and admitted to texting photos of herself to a student.   Garrow says she was wearing a bikini top in one of the pictures. Yacobozzi denied having sexual relations with the student.   North Ridgeville Schools Superintendent Larry Brown put Yacobozzi on paid administrative leave when the investigation began. She has been with the district for 4 years.

Teacher arrested for sexual assault | WTAM - Local News - The BIG One - WTAM 1100