High School Teacher, 41, Quits Job, Leaves Wife & Kids to Move in with Former Student, 18 - James Hooker & Jordan Powers

Yes, you read that right: a grown man with a job and family chucked it all away to be with an 18-year-old girl. According to her, he's more than a lover, "he's my best friend." That's young Jordan Powers at right.

Not surprisingly, her mom's not very happy. And you have to wonder if the school district and the local cops are looking in to it.

A high school teacher, 41, resigned from his job and left his family so he could move in with a former student, now 18, he is having a relationship with.  Enochs Hugh School teacher James Hooker quit his job after going public about his relationship with Jordan Powers from Modesto, California. Police are now investigating to discern whether or not something inappropriate or illegal took place before she turned 18.

Since then, the teen's mother has waged a public campaign on Facebook after her daughter moved out of their home. She is alleging Mr Hooker actively pursued her daughter when she was underage and said his actions are tantamount to abuse.

The 41-year-old left his wife and children - one of whom is a year younger than Jordan and went to the same school - to move into an apartment with his teenage lover.

Mr Hooker was placed on administrative leave on February 3 by Modesto High Schools before resigning a few weeks later.  He taught business and IT as well as running several after-school clubs, one of which Jordan was a member.  Speaking to the Sacramento Bee, he said: 'In making our choice, we've hurt a lot of people. We keep asking ourselves, "Do we make everyone else happy or do we follow our hearts?"'

Jordan's mother Tammie Powers is blaming Mr Hooker for pursuing her daughter and taking advantage of her.  She claims her daughter's grades fell this year and she started to have panic attacks 'from the stress'.

She said Jordan was always a good and 'compliant' daughter.  She told The Bee: 'I was really, really careful. I wanted her to be safe. In hindsight, in retrospect, I should have looked at things differently.  'She looked up to him. He was in the position of an educator, you don’t abuse your student. Period.

Jordan Powers, 18, moves in with James Hooker, 41, after he quits teaching job | Mail Online