Transgender Contestant in Miss Universe Canada Pageant Given the Boot - Jenna Talackova

Jenna Talackova was born a man, but always identified with girls and underwent a sex change operation as a teen. Now, he/she looks so good as a girl that she's become a contestant in the Miss Universe Canada pageant. That is, until the pageant found out about that whole "used to have a penis" thing and kicked her out. Wonder if they would react the same way if they knew she had been born with a tail that had been snipped off? At right, Jenna Talackova, looking nothing like a man.

A beauty pageant has booted a contestant out the competition after discovering the buxom blonde was born a boy.  The Miss Universe Canada organizers threw out Jenna Talackova when they found out she had undergone surgery to become a woman.  The transgendered contestant had already successfully reached the finals in the Miss Vancouver pageant before she was banned from continuing in the competition.

Although the pageant organizers described Talackova as a ‘real girl’ they disqualified her arguing that the rules state that each contestant must be a ‘naturally born female.’ According to Denis Davila, the national director of Miss Universe Canada, Talackova claimed on her registration form she was born a female.

But becoming suspicious Davila confronted the 23-year-old about her sex change and the contestant admitted she was actually born a male.  Despite her pleas to stay in the pageant her confession meant that she was pulled from the contest that same day.

'She feels like a real girl and she is a real girl. She didn’t expect people to question it,' Davila told thestar.com.

Jenna Talackova: Transgender beauty queen kicked out of Miss Universe Canada pageant | Mail Online