Video: Dumbass Girl Rants, Doesn't Understand Concept of Leap Year

UPDATE: More videos from this same dumbass on her Tumblr page here. (Thanks to our friends at Fark.com for the tip!) Her username is--shockingly--hottndangerous, and her page contains the following revealing information about her (in addition to the ranting videos):
Name: Ali Garrido I Am 16 years old. I absolutely LOVE my boyfriend timmy torres with all my heart<3 1.2.11<3I live my life to the best of my ability. & I do not let people bring me down. this is an all party, maryjane, & hipster blog. if you dont like it. . . get the F*CK out. 
We'll try to post more of her videos here, but we're not sure you can take that much stupidity in one place.

 Caution: Video contains NSFW language, stupidity.

Dumb Chick Doesn't Understand Leap Year - Watch More Funny Videos