Yet Another Female Teacher Arrested for Sex at School With Minor - Janel Ramirez

UPDATE #2: We've been getting emails all day from former students at Hemet High claiming there was an EVEN BIGGER sex scandal at the school twenty years ago involving the head football coach at the time allowing players to have sex with his wife. Sounded kind of far-fetched to us, but then we found a link to an old LA Times article on the story from 1993. Darned if it wasn't true! Here's a brief excerpt:
On Tuesday, the Riverside County Sheriff's Department arrested Randy Brown, the 38-year-old head football coach at Hemet High, and his 31-year-old wife, Kelly, on charges of committing oral copulation on at least two football players, and conspiracy to commit oral copulation. The couple are free on bail and scheduled to be arraigned in Riverside Municipal Court next month. They could not be reached for comment.  Authorities said the coach was suspected of setting up sex between his wife and at least two youths who were team members at the time but are no longer students. And this community of 35,000 learned it's in for a ride.
Additional details came out in a second story six months later:
The "nightmare" came to light in March when Brown, a respected football coach at the school for seven years, and his wife, Kelly, were arrested by the Riverside County Sheriff's Department on suspicion of having provided sex for two former football players when they still were students. Brown told the players that a botched vasectomy had ruined his sex life. He coerced one player, and tried to coerce the other, into having sex with his wife, telling them that would salvage his marriage and help the team. For one of the players, the sexual relationship lasted for more than two years.  In May, Brown and his wife pleaded guilty to charges of oral copulation with a minor and to soliciting another. Under a plea bargain, Brown gave up his teaching credential, and he and his wife were given five years' probation and ordered to register as sex offenders.

UPDATE #1: Ms. Ramirez and her class won the Hemet High School holiday classroom door decorating contest this past December . . . just about the same time she was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a student AT the school. Too much holiday spirit, perhaps?

We've also just added a video (below) from KCAL about the story, with the obligatory interview with the shocked parent of a student at the school, and another with a neighbor of the accused teacher. It also appears from this video that the school board has not made up it's mind yet about Ms. Ramirez employment status with the school. Really?

EARLIER: When we first saw this story, thought she was a teacher at Helmet High School (as opposed to Hemet) which would sorta be funny, right? That's also not the best mug shot of her, is it? She's probably much hotter in person. Anyone find any other pics of her?

My favorite part of the story? The accused teacher, Janel Ramirez . . "worked in a program with incoming ninth graders to become acclimated into high school."  Apparently she was more successful than the school had hoped!

Any suggestions on who should play her in the Lifetime TV movie about this incident?
Hemet Unified School District officials notified Riverside County sheriff’s deputies at 9 p.m. Wednesday that a teacher may have been involved in a sexual relationship with a minor at the school, Sgt. Wally Clear said in a report.  Sheriff’s detectives said Janel Ramirez, 31, and a male student were involved in sexual acts at the school during the month of December. The district would not disclose the student’s age.  Ramirez was arrested Thursday on suspicion of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor, continued sexual abuse of a minor and two counts of oral copulation. No charges have been filed.
Ramirez was released from the Southwest Detention Center Thursday night on $100,000 bail.  A Hemet High School graduate, Ramirez was a ninth grade English teacher with the district since 2007, according to district records. She worked in a program with incoming ninth graders to become acclimated into high school, Deputy Superintendent LaFaye Platter said.
HEMET: Teacher accused of sex with student | Breaking News | PE.com - Press-Enterprise

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