Brooke Burke Arrested for Brawling With Bride at Wedding Reception: Refused to Stop Dancing With Groom

Oh, it's not THAT Brooke Burke, co-host of Dancing With the Stars?  It didn't sound like her (getting drunk, trying to steal someone else's newly minted husband, fighting with the bride and brawling with police) but it would have been a GREAT story if it was her, right?

Instead, we have this plain looking redhead from North Olmsted, Ohio, who wouldn't take "no" for an answer. Whether it was cutting her off from anothe drink, getting her to stop slow-dancing with the groom, leaving the reception or listening to police officer commands, Brooke Burke was not going to listen to anyone. Burke was reportedly married to the groom's brother and now faces assault and disorderly conduct charges.

Likely she will not be invited to future family functions.

According to the North Olmsted police report, Brooke Burke was charged with assault and disorderly conduct intoxication after an incident at a wedding reception at St Clarence Church Pavilion on Saturday night. An auxiliary police officer heard Burke yelling at two men in the parking lot after they took her keys to stop her from driving home claiming she was too intoxicated.

Earlier in the evening the bride asked Burke to stop slow dancing with her new husband. According to the report, Burke became upset, yelled at the bride and tried to hit her. Witnesses reported seeing Burke, appearing to be heavily intoxicated, verbally attacking the bride at least twice in the evening.

While Burke waited for a cab to take her home, she approached the bride for a third time yelling at her and attempting to grab her. A witness attempted to restrain Burke and was pushed to the ground.  The auxiliary officer then attempted to restrain Burke by grabbing her arm, but she pushed and grabbed him by the uniform. When the officer told her to calm down she fell to the floor kicking and screaming, according to the police report.

Wedding guest ends up in jail after reception brouhaha