Cops: Female Teacher Had Sex With Student While Daughter Slept in Same Bed - Martha Sizemore

It's one thing to be a crappy teacher for other people's kids. But being a bad parent to your own kids is where we draw the line! Okay, we redraw that line of disgust on a daily basis, but at least we're drawing it.

A substitute teacher has been accused of having sex with three under age students  - including one while her daughter was asleep in the same bed.  Martha Sizemore even told one of the teens she allegedly had sex with to wear a turtleneck sweater to school to cover up a love bite, or hickey, on his neck.

Sizemore, a mother of two, is alleged to have had sex with two teens in her master bedroom after holding alcohol fuelled parties.  Another teen told police he and 44 year old Sizemore engaged in sex acts.  As many as 25 students told police they had attended the parties and knew of at least three teens who had sex with Marla Sizemore.

Police seized bed sheets from teacher’s home as part of their investigation into the alleged under age sex.  One teen interviewed by police said he had sex with Sizemore as her daughter lay asleep in the same bed.

Teacher 'had sex with a student while her daughter slept in the SAME bed' | Mail Online