Detroit Judge Sends Nearly Nude Photo of Himself to Female Employee's Cell Phone - 3rd Circuit Judge Wade McCree

And when asked about it, he seems pretty pleased with himself. Watch video below.
A husband is upset after finding a photo of a nearly nude man on his wife's cell phone. She says the photo came from her boss? What does she do for a living?  She's a court bailiff. Who's her boss? Detroit 3rd Circuit Judge Wade McCree.
Fox 2's Charlie LeDuff shows the photo to Judge McCree.  The Judge seems quite proud of it.  Play the video to get the full report and to hear an interesting reaction from the Judge.
LeDuff also talks to legal analyst Charlie Langton who says it's possible McCree could lose his job over the photo.
Court Bailiff: Detroit Judge Wade McCree Sent a Nearly Nude Phot of Himself to Me