Teen Didn't Worry About Getting Teacher Pregnant Because She Was "Kind of Old - Shannon Cardinal

Ouch! You got some teenager to sleep with you, but he didn't wear protection because he thought your eggs were all shrivelled up? That's cold . . . especially when your two-year-old was around when you had sex with him. Teenagers aren't that bright, if you didn't already know.In at least one version of this story, there are reports that, if convicted, the teacher, Shannon Cardinal, 43, could face 186 years in prison.

But her lawyer says she'll be out in half that time!

More from the Daily Mail:

Shannon Cardinal, who is in the process of getting divorced, is alleged to have travelled to the teen's home out of state where they had sex when his parents were out. The teen told police they did not use any protection and wasn’t worried she would get pregnant as Cardinal 'was kind of old'.

The 43-year-old mother-of-three was the teen's Spanish teacher at Mayville High School in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin.  Prosecutors said mother of one Cardinal, a teacher for 10 years, began exchanging texts with the boy after he enrolled in her class during the fall of 2011.  The teen would spend his lunch hour with the teacher where they became closer. The teen told police the texts were about work, but later developed into deeper conversations.

Court documents revealed that Cardinal would pick the boy up and drive to her home where they would have sex. Cardinal's two year old daughter was present one on occasion they slept together.

Teacher and mother-of-three, 43, 'had sex with her 16-year-old student' | Mail Online