Boy, 16, Claims He Was Virgin When Teacher, 28, Pushed Him Into Closet at School, Had Sex With Him - Kacy Christine Wilson

Usually these female teacher sex scandals involve all sorts of confused feelings and heartfelt emotions. "But he's my soulmate!"

But, according to police, not this lady. Cops say Kacy Christine Wilson started off texting topless photos of herself to a male student, 16, then got him excused from another class one day, took him into a closet in her classroom and had sex with him. He claims he was a virgin at the time and now is upset looking back at the incident saying ". . . when I grow up and think about my first time, I have to think about Ms. Wilson."

Would you want her for your "first?" Comments below.
Kacy Christine Wilson, 28, faces charges of unlawful sexual activity with certain minors and transmission of pornography by electronic device.  In October of 2011, investigators were made aware of a possible sexual relationship between Wilson and a student.  "She was having sex with one of her students when she was working," said Stacie Miller of the Kissimmee Police Dept.  Investigators said a 16-year-old boy was excused from class, because Wilson called his teacher and said he had left something in her classroom. When he arrived, police said, she gently pushed him against the wall and touched him. She then led him to a closet, took off his clothes and had sex with him, according to a police report.
"She definitely took advantage of this child," said Miller.

According to the report, the victim was ashamed of his actions and had been a virgin.  He stated, "It's bad, that when I grow up and think about my first time, I have to think about Ms. Wilson."
Former teacher accused of sex with student

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