Cheating Kenyan Lovers Could Get "Stuck" Following Sex After Husband Pays for Black Magic Curse

Don't you just hate then when it happens?

You have sex with someone else's wife and you get stuck, uh, "in the act" after he has the local witch doctor put a curse on you?

And the only way to get "unstuck" is to pay the woman's embarrased husband $240 to lift the spell?

Yeah, that sucks, doesn't it.

A man from Kenya claims to have used black magic on his adulterous wife and her lover, causing the cheating couple to get stuck in the middle of having sex, for hours.  Nairobi cops were called, but couldn’t help the pair. A video camera captured the gripping footage while towns’ people try to catch a glimpse of the unlucky lovers as they lay there unable to unlatch from each other.

Cheating couple caught when their parts get stuck together - KIAH