Cops Bust Bar Serving Minors, Owner Sends 3 Girls Into Kitchen to Pretend to Cook

Yes, you read that right. In the wealthy Indianapolis suburb of Carmel, Indiana, police went to the Double Apple Lounge after they received reports of minors being served. When they entered the premises, the owner of the bar paniced and told three underage drinkers to run into the kitchen, put on aprons and chef hats and pretend to be cooking. Their only mistake? The boozing teens forgot to turn on the stove.

Both they and the bar owner were arrested on a variety of charges, but let's just call them all stupidity.

Saturday night, 16 minors were arrested and the Double Apple Lounge was cited for serving alcohol to patrons under 21 years old, Indiana State Excise Police officials say.

Police officials say the bar owner told three females — ages 15, 19 and 20 — to run into the kitchen and pretend to be cooks. Officers found them trying to cook on a cold grill.

The bar located at 4004 W. 96th St. is facing 16 preliminary charges of allowing a minor to loiter, five counts of sale of alcohol to a minor, one count of hindering enforcement, one count of employment of minors, and one count of failing to maintain employee records.  The minors — ranging in age from 15 to 20 years old — were cited for minor in a tavern, a misdemeanor. Eight minors were cited for illegal consumption of alcohol; five of those said they consumed the alcohol at Double Apple Lounge.

Carmel bar cited again for allowing minors inside