Married Teacher Accused of Sex With Boy, 16, at Least Eight Times at Infamous "Horndog High" in Brooklyn - Erin Sayar

You remember Horndog High, don't you? It's formal name is James Madison High School (Brooklyn), but it will forever be remembered for the incident between two female teachers, allegedly caught having sex when a janitor barged in on them. Now, at the same school, we have a married female teacher, Erin Sayer, 35, who was supposed to be tutoring a 16-year-old male student last December. Instead, police say, the two had sex at least eight times, sometimes in her SUV and sometimes a the school. (You can only assume there's a lot of, uh, DNA evidence at the school these days.)
The affair was uncovered by the boy's jealous girlfriend who hacked into the kid's Facebook account and found some sexy messages between him and the teacher. She then went to school officials who then had to tell the boy's mother. You can only imagine how pleased the administration was to hear that news.
The kid eventually fessed up and admitted to the sex acts and can describe tattoos on "intimate parts" of Ms. Sayar's body. Additional evidence against the teacher include more than 3800 text messages sent to the boy (identified as Kevin) over a period of 17 days. That's a top of typing with your thumbs!
All this came to light in a court filing by the teen’s parents, Maureen and Stephen Eng, who plan to sue the city for more than $10 million.
Bonus Naughtyness: Sayar allegedly also plied the kid with pot, from a stash she allegedly kept in a file cabinet at the school.
A married city teacher at a Brooklyn high school where two of her colleagues carried on a sapphic tryst had a month-long sex romp on the campus grounds with her 16-year-old student, a new court filing says. English teacher Erin Sayar, 35, is accused of having sex with 11th-grader Kevin Eng at least eight times last December when she was supposed to be tutoring him. The trysts happened in her SUV and at Brooklyn’s scandalized James Madison High School — which was dubbed “Horndog High” in 2009 when two female teachers were axed after two handymen caught them in a naked embrace in a classroom.
Sayar also plied her pupil with pot she kept in a work file cabinet, according to court documents the teen’s family filed in Brooklyn Supreme Court on Wednesday.
Married teacher accused of having monthlong sex romp with student at same school where two female colleagues were caught naked together - NY Daily News
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