Substitute Teacher Sends Nude Photo to Boy, 16, Waits to Have Sex With Him Until His 17th Birthday - Tiffany Michelle Amos

It does not appear that Texas has a "person of authority" law, so with the age of consent being 17, Spring school district (TX) substitute teacher Tiffany Michelle Amos, apparently thought she had things covered by waiting until the young man she wanted to hook up with had his birthday. Except for one thing: she sent him naked pictures and naughty texts the day before--while he was still 16--making it a crime. She now faces the felony charge of online solicitation of a minor.

And being a dumbass.

She knew not to have sex with him until he turned 17 -- and indeed, on his 17th birthday she invited him over and had sex with him, court documents say.  Unfortunately for her, the build-up to that moment included her sending nude photographs of herself before the big day, court documents say.

Amos told an investigator "she intentionally and knowingly took nude photographs of herself at her home with her cell phone and intentionally sent the nude photographs to the [boy] before his 17th birthday," court documents say. "[She] was aware of the [boy's] birthday because she had entered the date into her cell phone."

Tiffany Michelle Amos: Teacher Held Off on Sexing Teen Until His 17th Birthday, But Couldn't Hold Off on the Dirty Pics & Texts - Houston News - Hair Balls