Teacher in Trouble for Giving 8-Year-Old Award for " Most Excuses for Not Having Homework Done" - Mrs. Plowman

We have certainly seen our share of teachers acting badly on this site. But something about this story from Tucson makes me thing that this little girl's mom needs to start paying more attention to her kid than the teacher. On the other hand Mrs. Plowman, isn't this what parent-teacher conferences are for?

8-year-old Cassandra Garcia was reportedly given the "catastrophe award" for being the "one student with the most excuses for not having their homework done" in front of her entire third grade class at Desert Springs Academy.

"All the children were laughing at her," the girl's mother told MyFoxPhoenix. The teacher, who was only identified as Ms. Plowman, reportedly said she saw the award as a joke. Cassandra's mother says she sees it as bullying.

Mom furious after teacher gives 8-year-old daughter 'catastrophe' award | Fox News