Teachers Union Boss Allegedly Had Affair With Guidance Counselor in Wood Shop - Mike Mulgrew

Boys and girls: sometimes two members of the powerful United Federation of Teachers union fall in love and hump each other on a drafting table in the wood shop. When that hppanes, three years later a full blown lawsuit is born and all the New York tabloids are happy.

In this case, it's a lawsuit against a former New York City teacher and now head of thre UFT, Mile Mulgrew, who's accused of having sex with guidance counselor Emma Camacho-Mende at William Grady High School. According to the lawsuit, brought by Andrew Ostrowsky, a math teacher at Frank Sinatra HS of the Arts in Manhattan, a janitor caught the pair of lovers on the drafting table.

But when he reported it to the principal, both men were "sworn to secrecy and denial" (according to the lawsuit) by then-UFT President Randi Weingarten to avoid embarrassment to the union leadership. Shortly after Mulgrew took over the UFT,  Camacho-Mendez was appointed to a liaison position with the union, getting $22,000 a year above her $85,000 teacher's salary.  said a longtime UFT rep“No one ever heard of this woman until Mulgrew brought her on board,” . “She had no union credentials.”

Both parties, and the union, deny the charges and expect them to be dismissed.

EXCLUSIVE: UFT President Michael Mulgrew caught having sex with high school guidance counselor Emma Camacho-Mendez and scandal covered up: suit - NYPOST.com