Today's Female Teacher Sex Scandal Story Comes From Clifton, NJ - Kristin Leone

Not a lot of details on this story, but Kristin Leone, 26, appears to be a typlcal high school social studies teacher. At some point, acccording to police, she started texting a 16-year-old male student in her class and things escalated from there.

Our favorite part of the story is where the cops describe the first "incident" between the two as something that happened in Leone's "classroom while the student was to be receiving extra help."

Extra help indeed.  At right, a photo of Ms. Leone that is more likely her driver's license photo and not her mug shot.

Kristin Leone, a history teacher, was taken into police custody on Monday afternoon, and charged with sexual assault, endangering the welfare of a child, two counts of criminal sexual contact, luring and enticing a child and two counts of official misconduct. Leone was released on $100,000 bail on Monday night, said Passaic County Prosecutor Amelia Valdes at a press conference on Wednesday morning. Leone has been suspended with pay, Valdes said. The investigation began on Monday, after the high school administration contacted police and informed them of the accusations.

"Clifton police detectives conducted interviews, executed a search warrant and collected evidence relating to the allegations," according to the Prosecutor's office. "The evidence demonstrated that Ms. Leone engaged in sexual conduct with the child on two separate occasions," Valdes said, adding both incidents occurred in late April, the first in a Clifton High School classroom while the student was to be receiving extra help, the second, four days later at Leone's Clifton home.

The prosecutor said details are still being investigated, but said the contact initiated with text messages between the high school junior and his teacher, who used her personal phone. The prosecutor said it's not yet clear who started the texting, but added the incident is still under investigation.

Clifton High School teacher charged with having sex with 16-year-old student - NorthJersey.com