Woman, 41, Accused of Having Sex With Sick Friend's Son, 13 - Karen Lee Carstens

Karen Lee Carstens was supposed to be watching out for the young son of a friend of her's while that woman was in the hospital. According to police, she did that and more, with the pair eventually having sex. But the boy was apparently concerned about impregnating his elderly lover, to the point that he insisted that they have anal sex instead.

And they say kids today are stupid?

For two years, cops say, she and the boy had a sexual relationship, one where he apparently was more worried about birth control than she was.  According to court documents, at one point the boy said he had intercourse with her and, although he ejaculated on her stomach, "he cried believing he had impregnated [Carstens] but [Carstens] assured him not to worry because her menstrual cycle was due soon."   At another point, the boy thought of another way to avoid pregnancy: anal sex.

The two were upstairs in his bedroom when he was 15 while his mother was again in the hospital.  The boy "stated that he asked [Carstens] if he 'could have sex up the ass because he didn't have a condom,'" the court documents say. "Complainant stated [Carstens] refused at first citing that it would cause her pain but agreed to the request. [The boy] stated that he inserted his penis inside [her] rectum and that he 'ejaculated' inside the anus."

Karen Carstens: Sexed Underage Boy While His Mom Was Hospitalized, Cops Say - Houston News - Hair Balls