Drunk Mom Arrested for Leaving Baby in Car Seat on Top of Car - Catalina Clouser

Sounds like something out of the movie "Raising Arizona" doesn't it? This "Mother of the Year" Finalist was upset her boyfriend got arrested for DUI and she went and got high herself at a friends house. Leaving there, she apparently forgot she put her 1 month-old in a car seat ON TOP OF THE CAR.

Police were called to the area of 45th Avenue and Cholla early Saturday morning after a child was found sitting in a car seat in the middle of the road.  While investigating the scene, two witnesses approached the officers and identified the mother as 19-year-old Catalina Clouser. The witnesses said they had been smoking marijuana with Clouser and her boyfriend earlier in the evening at a nearby park. Clouser and her boyfriend reportedly left the park around 11 p.m. to go buy beer. The boyfriend was pulled over on the way to the store and arrested for aggravated DUI after police determined he was driving impaired with the baby in the vehicle.

Upset over her boyfriend’s arrest, Clouser reportedly drove to the witnesses’ home and smoked more marijuana. Clouser decided to leave the house around midnight with her baby asleep in a car seat. Before driving away, Clouser apparently forgot that she had left her child sitting on the roof of her car.  She realized her mistake as soon as she got home and called her friends to see if they could start looking for the child.

Mother arrested after forgetting baby on roof of car | azfamily.com Phoenix