Female "Ag Teacher" Accused of Having Sex With Boy, 15, More Than 50 Times - Melody Carter-McCabe

You know, usually it's the French teacher or the biology teacher or even sometimes a gym teacher. But an Agriculture teacher? That's a first for these pages, but sadly, probably not the last. Primarily McCabe was the school's sponsor for the teen ag group known as Future Farmers of America or FFA for short.

Today's "Female Teacher Who's Having Sex With a Male Student and Should Know Better" comes to us from Merced, California. Melody Carter-McCabe, 27 used to teach at Livingston High School until last Friday when she was slapped with nine felony charges of unlawful sex with a boy starting when he was 15 and lasting an entire year.

At the core of the state's case against Carter-McCabe is testimony from the teen about a purple vibrator that the teacher not only owned, but that she let him use on her. Hands on demonstrations: great teaching technique!

BONUS COVERAGE: As is customary with these types of stories these days, the parents of the victim are planning on suing the school district for not preventing this affair.

According to the student's statements to sheriff's detectives, the interactions with the teacher were numerous and primarily took place at her residence. When the relationship started, the student had started "hanging out" at the defendant's house after school, doing yardwork, according to the sheriff’s report.

Over time, the boy developed "strong feelings" for the defendant, and eventually leaned in and kissed her while the two were doing yardwork together, according to the report. She told him "this will be the only time," and nothing else happened that day.

Two weeks later, however, they began kissing again, which led to a month of "making out." Around November 2010, she asked the boy whether he ever had sex before. He replied that he hadn't, and said that's when the relationship became sexual.  It came to an end, however, after the pair mutually agreed the age difference "made it impossible to be together," according to the report. She allegedly talked to the teen about maybe getting together in the future after he was older.

During his statements to detectives, the boy said the defendant had a purple vibrator, and she offered to allow him to use it on her. Detectives served search warrants at the defendant's home and found it wrapped in a white sock in the defendant's nightstand.

The boy was also able to describe to detectives certain features about the defendant's body, such as Japanese water symbol tattoo on her ankle. The teen also had pictures on his cell phone of a woman in her panties.

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