Scottish Prisoner Caught Behind Bars With Mobile Phone AND Charging Cable "Concealed Within His Anal Cavity"

For those of you not familiar with the "concealed within your anal cavity" that means this dumbass shoved a cell phone and the cord up his a$$ after he was taken to jail.

Let's just hope he had one of those small, older flip phones and not a newer smart phone like an iPhone 5 or one of those Galaxy phones that are the size of a small toaster.

And don't get me started on the size of the European electrical plugs: I don't even like carrying those monsters in my pocket, much less "inside me."

At right, the castle where this guy is serving his jail time. No, seriously.

A prisoner was caught behind bars with a mobile phone and charging cable hidden up his bottom. Christopher Hughes was caught with the phone kit during a full search at Castle Huntly prison near Dundee. Hughes, who is serving nine years for stabbing four men in a taxi queue, admitted introducing a banned item into the jail. At Perth Sheriff Court, Hughes, 25, from Cambuslang, admitted introducing prohibited items into the prison system by having a mobile phone and charging lead "concealed within your anal cavity." Hughes had a further three months added to his current sentence when he appeared from custody at the court.

Prisoner caught hiding mobile phone and charging lead up his bottom | Dundee & Tayside | News | STV