Chubby Math Teacher, 32, Arrested for Having Sex With Seven Underage Boys - DaNita Wilson

Hold the presses boys, I think we have a winner!

Well, "winner" in that we can't remember a female teacher sex scandal involving more students. Although there was a lady earlier this month who allegedly went to the gym with six boys, but she only had sex with three of them, the others just watched of recorded it on their cell phones.

No, this time, DaNita Wilson, 32, who used to teach at Charlton County High School in Georgie, faces seven counts of sexual assault after a lengthy one-day investigation (nice police work there, Lou) by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Not a lot of details have emerged about her relationshops with the boys, other than that all but one of them were over 16. Of course, the age of consent in Georgia is 16, but "person in authority" law was passed a few years ago that makes it illegal for a teacher or coach to have sex with a student, regardless of their age. 

For each charge of sex with the older six, Wilson could get one to 25 years and for the younger one, 25 to 50 years. Ms. Wilson is currently out on bail.

Charlton teacher charged with having sex with 7 students | Jacksonville.com Mobile Edition