Wife of Navy SEAL Arrested for Allegedly Having Sex w. Boy, 16 - Alexis Anne Colson

How big would your balls have to be to have sex with the wife of a Navy SEAL? Hell, these are the guys who hunted down Bin Laden. Where do you think your punk ass is going to hide from one of them when this all goes south?

Then again, the way the police tell the story, it was Mrs. SEAL, Alexis Anne Colson, 37, a fitness instructor from Land O' Lakes, Florida who pursued the boy, sending him 15 naked or sexily posed pictures. The boy not only showed cops the photos, but also had some black lingerie he claimed belonged to Colson.  Police also say she carefully orchestrated their sexual rendezvous  providing the teen with lengthy instructions on on is tablet as to where to meet her, then they drove to yet another location before allegedly having sex in her car.

The entire affair came to light after someone loaned the boy a cell phone and the owner later found some suspicious text messages.
The mother of three, who is married to Tim Colson, a  high-ranking intelligence officer and former Navy SEAL was arrested yesterday and faces charges of unlawful sex with a minor and electronic transfer of materials harmful to a minor. At right, Alexis Anne Colson mug shot. Come on, there have to be some uh, "better" pictures of her out there somewhere, right?

Wife of high-ranking Army officer and former member of SEAL Team 18 'had sex with teenage boy, gave him her black lace underwear and sent 15 nude photos' | Mail Online