Drunk Driving Mom Notices Cops in Area, Forces Daughter 14, to Drive

We're barely into February and the Mother of the Year competition is getting fierce!

Take Florinda Tsosie, 38, of Albuquerque for instance. Okay, so a lot of mom's drink. And, unfortunately some of them drink AND drive. Some of them even drive with their kids in the car and get arrested for drunk driving. But not Ms. Tsosie. She somehow, in her drunken state, noticed there were cops in the area and forced her daughter, only 14 and not a licensed driver (even in New Mexico) to take the wheel.

Of course, the teen wasn't a much better driver than her drunk mother, and soon cops got word of a car without its headlights on swerving  down the road. When police finally pulled the vehicle over they found the girl behind the wheel. The scared teen quickly told cops everything and eventually mom blew an impressive blood alcohol concentration more than twice the legal limit.

Tsosie couldn't be arrested for DUI, but does face charges of child abuse and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

» Complaint: Drunk mom makes 14-year-old daughter drive | ABQ Journal