Female Special Ed Teacher Admits to Sex With Student, Now Pregnant With His Baby, Will Get Light Jail Sentence - Kelly McKenzy Watson,

Well . . . in the wild, wild, world of female teacher sex scandals this one is certainly a little bit different.

In this one we have form special-education teacher Kelly McKenzy Watson, 34, who had been arrested for having sex with one of her students at New Haven Residential School in Vista, CA, who is currently 17. (New Haven is an all boys boarding school for troubled teens.)

Nothing new there, but then it turns out that as she was being sentenced on Wednesday Watson admitted that she was pregnant with the boy's baby. Now, of course, the judge has to give her a shortened sentence so that the infant isn't born in prison. AND, even though Watson is prohibited from seeing the father for five years, the teen is allowed to be there when the baby is born. He, of course, claims to be in love with Watson and wants to be in the kid's life . . . once he finishes high school and can get a job.

Watson does get three years of felony probation, and she won't be allowed to work with minors, and must undergo some counseling. But she won't have to register as a sex offended and will only spend about 2 months in jail.

Above, a picture of Watson in court this week and left a picture from happier, hotter times. That's not the same lady.

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