Female Teacher, 28, Arrested for Sex With Boy, 15, After Teen Brags to Friend - Amanda Ludwig

Poor Amanda Ludwig. The 28-year-old art teacher at Manual Academy in Peoria, IL thought she was having a nice quiet affair with one of her male students. She apparently had the lad in her class last year and was supposed to be "helping him with his school work" this year, but then things allegedly started getting cozy. They started texting each other for several weeks, which turned to sexting, she allegedly sent him nude and partially nude pictures, then things moved onto sex in a classroom at the school. It would have probably continued quietly from their, except the boy-genius decided to brad to one of his friends and alleged showed the other boy a video on his cellphone. The original story doesn't say what was in the video, but apparently it provided proof that he and Ludwig were doing the nasty. 

For some reason, that kid told police and when confronted, Ludwig admitted sexting the boy and then having relations with him.

As a result, Ludwig was charged with one count of enticement of a minor, but could face federal charges as someone has now decided that because the text messages involve the Internet and interstate commerce, that makes the offense a federal crime. Say what? We haven't heard that one before, but if cops can make it stick,it could be some serious jail time for the former teacher.
If only Ms. Ludwig knew at least something about teenaged boys: they talk! They brag, they want to boast about sexual conquests, especially in this digital age when your cell phone contains a whole storage chest of evidence. Enough to put a teacher in jail for years.
At right, Amanda Ludwig's mug shot picture. What's up with the hair? Is that a style now?

Manual teacher facing federal charges for alleged sex with student - Peoria, IL - pjstar.com