New "Hoax and Conspiracy Videos"

In case you haven't checked out our other site yet, we've been wallowing in the depths of YouTube to find some of the strangest videos we've ever seen to create Hoax and Conspiracy Videos.  UFOs, aliens, Bigfoot, government conspiracy theories, hoaxes . . . you name it, we've probably watched it.

Among the latest gems: a guy calls CNN's Anderson Cooper a liar in front of a live TV audience and then accuses him of losing his nose in front of a green screen instead of being at the actual funeral of one of the Sandy Hook shooting victims; several people who say the power outage during the Super Bowl was caused by Beyonce's "occult" halftime show designed by the Illuminati; and a New Hampshire state representative who claims President Eisenhower met with aliens. Okay, that last one we believe. Ike was one crazy dude.

And this is just the tip of a very strange looking iceberg. And you're riding on the recently raised Titanic.

Check it out here.