Seniors, 72 & 62, Caught Going at It in Parking Lot of Barbecue Restaurant

Remember that scene from "When Harry Met Sally" where Meg Ryan pretends to get aroused in the restaurant and the old lady at the next table says "I'll have what she's having?"

Well, if you visit Doc's Smoked BBQ and Burgers in Sonora, CA you may want to avoid what a couple of senior citizens had for lunch on Valentine's day. Likely something spicy . . . or laced with Viagra. Whatever it was, it got them going. And we mean GOING.

It was on that day that owner Rachael Shevlin spotted something in the parking lot she thought she'd never see. Certainly not in a public parking lot in the middle of the day.

Shevlin spotted something odd going on in one of the cars in her lot and when she approached it got a view that all the eye bleach in the world isn't going to take out: two patrons, a man, 62, and a woman, 72 in the car naked having "adult relations".  On the plus side, at that age they likely were driving one of those big old Buicks with the monster back seat so they had plenty of room to . . . oh, never mind. Ew.

Police were called eventually everyone was ticketed, after they put their clothes on.

You can thank us for that mental picture in your head all day later.

Woman, 72, caught doing it in barbecue joint parking lot | kvue.com Austin