Third Grade Teacher Arrested for Bringing Heroin to School - Claudia Reaney

Thursday was not the best day for Claudia Reaney, a third grade teacher at Buffalo Point Elementary School in Syracuse, NY. No, not because they had run out of Tater Tots in the lunch room. And it wasn't that stupid memo from the principal about the new "flu prevention" handwashing rules he just posted in the bathrooms. No, Claudia's problem was much bigger than that . . . expecially after cops brought a drug sniffing dog to the school based on a tip.

First, the dog sniffed something in a car in the parking lot. A car belonging to Claudia Reaney. Uh, oh.

Next step was for the dog to start sniffing around Reaney's classroom where it registered another hit . . . on the teacher's purse. Inside, officers found "several foils and straws" that tested positive for herion. Could it just have been something she found on the street and brought in for "show and tell?" According to Syracuse police oficer Tracy Jense, Reanney was using heroin, ". . . four to five times a day, for a couple of months at least."

That would explain the low reading scores.

Ms. Reaney, 49, was booked for investigation of possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia, which could be "enhanced" because the drugs were found on school property.  Somebody is probably not going on the field trip to Washington, DC this year.

Third-grade teacher arrested for heroin possession, police say | Deseret News